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The cross is a medal that was given to two particular players in 2004, Golan Trevize and Clone 0. They were awarded the medal for their role in an ingame event - the return of an Apocalypse Imperial Issue to the Amarr.


One of the first crosses is believed to be lost from the game.

The only remaining cross was sold for 150 bn (apparently) in 2014. It was later purchased by the EVE Museum corporation for 80 bn isk in 2015.

In 2016, the captain of the winners of the new Amarr Championship tournament was awarded with a third cross order. This was the pilot Kelon Darklight, leading the Tash-Murkon family team.

Kelon auctioned his cross for "PLEX for Good" in May 2020. This cross was also bought by EVE Museum, for 25,000 PLEX (c. 60 bn ISK). This copy of the order was never moved to the museum collection, but sold on to the famous collector Entity.

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