Hardwiring - Poteque Pharmaceuticals 'Draftsman' GI-1 and "Draftsman" GI-2

A defunct interface which does not work is being recalled by Poteque corporation.


Origin[edit | edit source]

These two implants were introduced in June 2007 with the Revelations II expansion. There had been a plan to release similar implants for all races, but instead the Gallente "Draftsman" became available for all. It has been said that also the Hardwiring - Eifyr and Co. 'Shaman' implants were seeded.

Their function was to improve invention probabilities, but after some weeks it became apparent that they were not working. A fix was never achieved. They were removed from LP stores, and with the Quantum Rise expansion in November 2008, inserted implants were dislodged and delivered to owners' hangars.

Status[edit | edit source]

Because 1½ years passed where the implants were not seeded and were useless in the heads of capsuleers that had bought them. most were probably destroyed before re-delivered. They therefore appear to be very rare, and none have been for sale in recent years.

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