Origin[edit | edit source]

This was from its origin a unique ship, which was awarded to the player Doc Brown at the end of the Crielere event in 2004. The event was a GM staged series of battles against Guristas pirates and one of their two founding leaders, Fatal. For killing Fatal, Doc Brown became the winner of the ship.

Doc Brown kept it for two years and then sold it to DigitalCommunist for 15 bn ISK.

Status[edit | edit source]

It has been residing in the Entity collection for many years. How it got there is a disputed story. From the old Evelopedia:

"Doc Brown kept the unique ship for a while, then later sold it to DigitalCommunist, who also held it for a long period of time. More recently, Madcap Magician, the CEO of DigitalCommunist's corporation, plotted and eventually stole the ship and subsequently kicked DigitalCommunist from the corporation. Madcap sold it to Entity, a famous collector of rare EVE items. It is still in the possession of Entity."

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