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Special edition commodities is the EVE Market category for a number of items that have been released with the sole purpose of collectible value. The first big wave of these commodities came as random capsuleer gifts for Christmas 2012. These include:

  • boots.ini, *Sneaks in a classic*, A big red button, A handful of tiny stars, A tank of honor, Animal medical expert, Concordokken, Donut holder, Key pass, Little helpers, Magic crystal ball, Military experts and you, Model of a fighter, New Eden soundbox, Postcard for Poitot, Public portrait: how to, Replica gallente cruiser, Rules of engagement, Scotty, Ship fitting guide, Shuttle piloting, The mini monolith, and Unit of lag.

Second batch was the "Time capsule" items from The Second Decade Collector's Edition of EVE in September 2013. They were:

  • A piece of Steve, BoB director key, Lost reminder, Press pass to Prometheus, Assassination contract, and Premier ticket (3 different).

Third batch of commodities were handed out for Christmas 2014, and include:

  • Alice Saki's Guide, Chribba's Modified Miner, Cooking with Veldspar, Guillome Renard Loot, Jump Fatigue Recovery, Jump Portal Holoreel, Manufacturing Union's Placard, My God It's, Polaris Eviction Notice, Pre-Completed CSM-10 Ballot Paper, Rooks and Kings, SCC Guidelines Lotteries, Sisters of EVE Statue, Sort Dragon's Diplomacy, Soxfour's Spaceboots, The Damsel's Drunk Bodyguard, The Friend Ship, Galactic Party Guide, Titanium Cranium Shielding, Vincent Pryce's Warp,

A new bunch were handed out for Xmas 2015:

  • YC117 Symposium, Capital Parking Ticket, YC118 Succession Decree (6 different), Grand Taigjion Casino, Meat Popsicle, Contraband Walnuts, Project Compass Charts, Feawen's Approval, Festive Firecrackers, Starsi, Counterfeit Dominix, Sansha Claws, Interstellar Mindclash Championship, Cerebrum in a Container, and Max Amarria